Paper submission

Post democratic culture and culture in Post democracy
Art and Design in Translation: The circulation of objects, people and approaches
A Farewell to Critique? Reconsidering Critique as Art Historical Method
Medieval Nordic Art and the Un-nameable
Queer Art, Artists and Identity: Nordic and Global Contexts
Futures from the Past? Nordic Exhibition Histories
Mixed Media
Nature, non-human and ecology in modern art, architecture and environmental planning
Networks and Collaborations in Nordic Architectural Culture
A Whiter Shade of Pale — Whiteness Perspective on Nordic Visual Culture
Art, Artists, and Art Institutions in Times of War and Conflicts
Showing not telling. Art institutional practices of inclusions/exclusions
Art and Spirituality in a Secular Society
Remembering — Art History and Curatorial Practices in Nordic Post-War Exhibition Studies
Life: On Art, Animation, and Biology
Decolonial Aesthetics: A View from the North
To be (titled), or not to be (titled)? Art History and its “well-(un)known” masters…
Untitled Spaces: Scenography and Nordic Art History

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